Concert At Prestige Care – September 7, 2012

On Friday afternoon, September 7th the violin duo of The Salish Sea Players performed for a choice audience at Prestige Care in Edmonds.  There were about 15 in the audience, mostly in wheelchairs.   The concert was in a dining room, and the audience was served treats.

SSPlayers at Prestige Care
Linda and Prestige Care friends

Though we focus on baroque music, this duo concert had only one baroque work,  by Leclair. We also played Mazas, Boccherini, and Bartok.  I was surprised by the enthusiasm of the listeners for the Bartok, but the five duos we played are quite energetic  dance-y music. The Boccherini also went over particularly well, and drew an appreciative “whoop!” from someone in the room!

We entertained some interesting questions. One person wanted to know about the difference between Minuet, Minuetto, Menueto….One woman seemed so enthralled that she asked if we thought she, at the age of 63, could learn to play the violin. (You’re never too old to learn, Linda said!) A visiting relative in the audience came up afterward to talk about his new project to learn the violin, and wondered why it made such scratchy sounds.  One man (at least one person!) was following the printed program and asked for clarification when he was confused by the applause between movements.  He thought maybe we’d played three pieces, but we’d just finished the third movement of the Leclair.  This man was interested in cultural things, and asked about Bartok’s nationality, and the nationality of Hauptman. He also asked us for our autographs!!!

The staff member who was bringing people into the room was very happy to have some classical music.  She said it was very rare there, and though everyone enjoyed more popular and up-to-date styles, classical music has very special qualities that the others do not.

This was our second concert at Prestige Care, and it was good to see familiar faces.  It’s also a very nice room acoustically! –Olga Hauptman

©Olga Hauptman 2012

About Salish Sea Players

Salish Sea Players is a Baroque chamber music group (two Baroque vioins, cello, and guests-Baroque oboe, recorder, and harpsichord) dedicated to bringing high quality performances to people in retirement homes and long term care facilities. We are a Professional Affiliate of the Early Music Guild of Seattle
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