Celebrations Campaign Day 1

Salish Sea Players LogoMay 22, 2014–Day 1 of our Celebrations Campaign and we have a lot to celebrate! Our association with the Early Music Guild for one–for the last 2+ years we have been a Professional Affiliate of EMG which helped get us started. They’ve been fantastic and so supportive. The Professional Affiliate program provides extensive, long-term assistance for professional level “early music” endeavors in the Seattle area (normally a minimum of one year, and limited to a maximum of three years). Because of this program andFred & Olga Hauptman Dec 2012 Emeritus at Spring Estates the support from our donors and partners we will have given 58 concerts in 30 venues reaching nearly 1800 residents (March 2012-June 2014). THANK YOU!

One of my favorite quotes from Oliver Saks is “Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears–it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear.”  Please join us in bringing “orange juice for the ear” to the retirement and long-term care communities in the greater Seattle area by giving a tax deductible gift of any size to the Salish Sea Players. You can safely donate on-line by clicking the “Donate Now” button (you will be taken to the EMG’s Salish Sea Players page). Donate through EMG

A memory from one of our earlier Post Concert Posts: At Ida Culver House-Ravenna: A small well-dressed woman waited until after the show and I was alone to approach me. She then shared that when she was a child she would play at the feet of her brother, a violinist, as he rehearsed classical chamber music with his friends. Our performance that day had brought it all back. She began to cry because she hadn’t thought of that memory for many, many years.

The picture is one I took of Fred and Olga during a Christmas concert in December 2012 at Emeritus at Spring Estates–I missed Olga’s head but the photo shows how much fun we were having performing for this crowd!

©Linda Melsted salishseaplayers.org  2014

About Salish Sea Players

Salish Sea Players is a Baroque chamber music group (two Baroque vioins, cello, and guests-Baroque oboe, recorder, and harpsichord) dedicated to bringing high quality performances to people in retirement homes and long term care facilities. We are a Professional Affiliate of the Early Music Guild of Seattle
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1 Response to Celebrations Campaign Day 1

  1. olga415 says:

    This is number one, and the fun has just begun!


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