Day 3 “Baroque Memories” Grassroots Campaign

Salish Sea Players Logo

The “Baroque Memories-Past & Present” Groupon Grassroots campaign begins day 3 with over 60 vouchers sold!!! Thank you so much! Please tell your friends and family about this worthy mission—With your help we can make it to 100 vouchers! Olga & Monica at Merrill Gardens-Northgate

The picture shows Olga with Monica, a resident of Merrill Gardens at Northgate, after one of our concerts!

(Learn how to redeem those vouchers for a tax receipt!!)


About Salish Sea Players

Salish Sea Players is a Baroque chamber music group (two Baroque vioins, cello, and guests-Baroque oboe, recorder, and harpsichord) dedicated to bringing high quality performances to people in retirement homes and long term care facilities. We are a Professional Affiliate of the Early Music Guild of Seattle
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